Art Direction

We rarely think of beautiful objects as being utilitarian. We see them as pieces that decorate tables, stand behind glass on shelves, adorn spaces, never to be used for fear of being broken, mishandled,

misused. With Sara’s pieces our objective was to transmit the idea of utliltarianism through playful scenes of wares in use as well as through imperfect sets where objects are curated, but don’t have the polish of a magazine ad. Using camera flash and a combination of film and digital cameras brings out the textures and imperfections in each piece, furthering our narrative of pieces meant to be used, handled, and enjoyed.



We remember standing in line in the gym, waiting impatiently when it’s finally our turn to get the most important picture of the school year taken. That’s right, it’s picture day. The highlight of many kids school year. But it’s not just an ordinary picture day for us, it’s a time to really show off your moves, to take pride in who you are, and to show off your talents. We’re taking yearbook pictures, but with a twist. There’s no need for stuffy portrait poses this year and awkward moments caught throughout the year.


SERVEDSocial Media Campaign Art Direction 

Served is a breakfast and brunch destination in Khobar, Saudi Arabia. It prides itself on it’s elegant interior and timelessness. With this in mind, the social campaign redefines the elegance associated with fine dining but twists it to a morning of elegance, peace, and refinement. But what can be assumed as a classic, soon becomes something more imaginative - afer all - this is where the brunch of your dreams is made.



LAYLA: NIGHTCLUBSocial Media Art Direction And Design

Layla Club is a nightclub located in Mexico City that brings together young people through music, memories, and dance. Each month their social media calendar is developed including stories and posts that go out 4 times a week on instagram. The stories function as informational fliers while posts function to establish the mood and environment of the club seen through the lense of creating memorable experiences. This was conveyed through several key visual themes: polaroid frames, photography that depicted motion, and illuminated illustrations and graphic visuals.



Rafael Weber is a brand that specializes in handcrafterd lamps, primarily out of wood. The designer, who is based in Mexico, takes inspiration from the simplicity of natural shapes in the designs of his lamps, thus the brand was also inspired by the minimalistic touch each piece has. It’s somber colors, structured appearance, and attention to detail are all part of the pieces created by Rafael and embodied in his brand identity.


DIALPADArt Direction

Dialpad’s product is all about “Work Beautifully.” But what does that mean to them? These 3d renders were created to highlight the simplicity and aesthetics of the ui and interface of the virtual meeting product but also to highlight the beauty of a work environment. One set of renders speaks to this idea of simplicity by only featuring shadows in the background while another series features workspaces that have a soothing environment. The focus of each was to bring an element of nature - universally thought of as beautiful into play.


PLENTYSocial Media Campaign And Phogaphy Art Direction

Plenty is a salad restaurant that prides itself in using only the freshest and finest ingredients. They’re on a mission to spread health and good taste in the city. Using this mission as a basis for the creative direction of the campaign, a story was created around Plenty fearlessly bringing a garden of flavors to the city. Wherever they are, plants will grow, be harvested, and used in their salads to bring the flavors of the garden to the people.



ADZONESocial Media Campaign Art Direction

Adzone is an architectural and interior design firm located in Saudi Arabia. They came to us to help start a new chapter that best represented their current brand. We launched a three month social campaign that told the story of the ethos of their spaces and their dedication to their craft. We created narratives that begin with enviting one into a new, magical space through color, texture, and material, but abstracted it to dreamlike forms. Another key component was taking existing photography or models of their spaces and creating editorial content out of it that fuels the dreamlike narrative through tight crops.


CHEMISTRYSocial Media And Branding Art Direction

Chemistry is a coffee shop and brunch restaurant in the UAE. They’re offerings are meant to feel home-made and nostalgic. Drawing from these themes of nostalgia, we referenced the age old slogan heard across news stations “Good Morning X!” and developed it into a rich narrative. We focused on the silent hours of the morning preparing breakfast, to the chaos of realizing there’s no time to eat, to working all day dreaming off the breakfast you never had - all while centering it in the nostalgia of the past by utilizing stop motion techniques as well as a combination of typefaces that slightly hinted at something vintage - but modernized for a contemporary audience. 




Sara Campos is an interior designer and creator of homegoods. Her identity is formed around the ideas of simplicity and “one of a kind” objects. Because each product is handmade, we want to represent this through a modular logo and a typographic o that stands out from the uniformity of the type. With simplicty, there is always beauty. In addition, the color palette of her brand was highly considered in order to inform the materiality of the products. Long gone are the feminine colors she used before, replaced by a palette that leans into richer natural tones.



Loggia is a real estate developer in Texas focused on creating modern and minimal interiors for younger people. The identity is formed around using minimal, modern typgraphy and colors to create a welcoming environment that allows viewers to appreciate the architecture and the spaces they create without the identity overshadowing the beauty of the space. Instead, it compliments the interior with careful consideration.


HISPANICAArt Direction

To mark the first time the team all got together in person and to celebrate the creation of HISPANICA’S branded merch, candid situations of the team wandering the streets of Mexico City were taken. As a studio we were always inspired by nature and the chaos of the city that prompted us to create a shoot that used props from local flower vendors on the street while walking the streets of CDMX during peak traffic hours


Art Direction

Sport doesn’t start on the court and end there. Especially in the eyes of children. Channeling the energy and resilience of young athletes, we follow several key cast members through a day in their life, from the home, to the court or the field, and back again. For them, sport becomes a lifestyle, a way to express themselves, dream big, and discover talents and passions.



NUCLEO is an apartment complex in Mexico City whose identity revolves around the idea of living close together, as atoms structured in a nucleus. The online brochure is meant to provide potential residents with information about the neighborhood, the floorplans, the architect, and the building. The typesetting of each paragraph reflects the exterior of the render, so in essence, publication and architecture begin to mirror each other.



This is a publication printed in blue ink on a risograph printer. This eight edition publication focuses on the question “Is there a universal language?”  Four designers explore the relationship of facial expressions, written language, photography, and social media, as they relate to this subject through their respective lense. This portion focuses on the work of Guillaume-Benjamin-Amand Duchenne, a French neurologist who studied which muscles are used for a variety of facial expressions. He was able to study these using electic shocks.



Ray’s is a pizza shop in Saudi Arabia that is home to a fabled character, Ray. He is a myterious hooligan who vandalizes Khobar to attract guests to his shop. The identity was informed by graphics of the 80s and graffiti art to create a custom typeface and illustrations that would tell the story of Ray and his hints he drops around the city, all done in the name of attention


Social Media Campaign Art Direction

Go-Ya is an icecream brand in Saudi Arabia that asked us to create a social media launch campaign for their opening. They wanted to evoke a sense of childhood nostalgia around icecream.

Do you hear that? That faint sound? It’s coming closer… what could it be? It sounds so familiar… the memory is coming back to you. You remember hot summers and asking your mom for some change. Then, running along the beach yelling, “Ice cream!” after the man with a giant cart, carrying your favorite frozen treat.


Photography Art Direction 

Served is a breakfast and brunch destination in Khobar, Saudi Arabia. It prides itself on it’s elegant interior and timelessness. With this in mind, the social campaign redefines the elegance associated with fine dining but twists it to a morning of elegance, peace, and refinement. But what can be assumed as a classic, soon becomes something more imaginative - afer all - this is where the brunch of your dreams is made.